DJ Equipment

Want your gig to be Banging?

We can cater for any DJ based event. We sell decks, mixers, sound and lighting systems from popular brands such as Technics, Pioneer, Gemini, Tascam, JBL, Das, Prolight, Claypacky etc.

In our hire stock, we have Technics SL1200 MK5 record decks, Pioneer CDJ 800 mixers and CDJ 900 decks. We also stock a full array of moving-head disco lighting, power strobes and lasers. We can hire many sizes of sound system up to 12.5 kilowatt.

We also have for hire, our famed custom built "Herty & Gerty Sound System" which is popular on theTechno,Dubstep and Psychadelic trance scene. It comprises of two stacks of 6-way horn loaded speakers that stand 10ft high. This is a very hifi 12.5k sound system ........... LOUD!!!! So if you want a bangin' sound system to rival any Funkton 1 System, Herty & Gerty is where its at!


Herty & Gerty Sound System